Wonderful Walter Cooke

The Healer-Engineer

Walter got his BSEE from Cal Berkeley in 1959--back when they were all electrical engineers rather than electronics engineers. He started out working in aerospace and spent over 20 years designing guidance and control systems for missiles and satellites. He had high security clearances and worked on all sorts of interesting projects including the Glomar Explorer which was designed to retrieve a sunken Russian submarine from the ocean floor off the Aleutians--it broke in half in high seas when they were retrieving it and they lost the half with the good stuff like the decoding equipment. He spent 19 years working for Lockheed Missiles and Space in Sunnyvale, CA. He left aerospace in 1981 when it became clear that his own spiritual inclinations weren't in alignment with working on all those CIA and NSA funded programs. Since then he has worked mostly in medical electronics (with two brief forays into radio astronomy and fiber optics).     

In the last few years he's become interested in alternative healing. In particular he's begun exploring the use of electricity and electronic devices outside of mainstream medicine.

He makes his own Colloidal Silver using a generator he designed and built. Colloidal silver is a great antibiotic.

He designed and built an Auto-Beck blood electrification device that can be used to disable pathogens like spirochetes, amoebas and bacteria in the bloodstream. Currently he is most interested in the use of LEDs (light emitting diodes) to accelerate healing.

These devices were designed for research purposes only. Walter makes no claims as to its efficacy and no recommendations regarding its use.