Wonderful Walter Cooke


This is Walter Andrew Cooke's website

What's so wonderful about Walter? Just explore his website and see! It's a nickname his friends have come up with for him, so it must be true. Besides, his wife of over 30 years still thinks he's wonderful and that's got to say something for him. He's a rather eclectic fellow so you'll find a wide range of things here.

  • He's an electrical engineer (BSEE from Cal Berkeley and MSEE from Santa Clara University) who happens to be interested in alternative healing.
  • He loves spending time in the woods tending his own small forest and doing fire wood plus being in the great outdoors hiking, camping and kayaking.
  • He's played guitar and harmonica for over 60 years and built a few interesting instruments along the way.
  • And he's pursued personal growth and spirituality for over 30 years including the human potential movement, channeling, Zen Buddhism, non-dualism and The Work of Byron Katie.
To contact Walter you can e-mail him at Walter@WonderfulWalter.com