Wonderful Walter Cooke

Colloidal Silver

The Colloidal Silver (CS) Generator that Walter constructed consists of a wide-mouthed pint canning jar with a plastic lid. The lid has holes drilled in it for two sliver rods. Alligator clips are attached to the rods. The round device on top is a small electric motor that turns a plastic spoon that is hanging down into the jar. All the electronics for the generator are in the small box marked "CS Gen". It has a red LED that indicates when power is applied.

A 'wall wart' power adapter is used to provide 24 volts to the electronics while the motor runs off of 120 volts AC. A store-bought timer is used to assure that the generator turns off after 2 1/2 hours. Walter always uses distilled water when making CS. He takes 1/2 tsp CS each evening as a preventative.

CS Generator

The schematic for the constant current CS generator that Walter built is here.

These devices were designed for research purposes only. Walter makes no claims as to its efficacy and no recommendations regarding its use.